9 Ideas to Get Rid of Extra Stuff When Moving

Home shifting itself is complicated and when you have to move with lots of stuff, it becomes even difficult. But getting rid of some of the extra household stuff can be the the key to a successful home relocation. Because the less you carry; the better it is for you to manage and obviously it costs less. But this is probably one of the most difficult thing to do, isn’t it? I mean how can you get rid of stuff that you have accumulated over a period of time? Ways to get rid of extra stuff to move easily

But you know what, there are a few ways to get rid of additional stuff easily and in sensible ways that could even make some money for you that you can use to pay the bills of the movers and packers agency for moving your house.

9 amazing ideas to get rid of extra stuff when moving

But before sharing my ideas to get rid of extra stuff, I would like to tell you one thing that its important to know in advance what you want to carry and what you want to leave aside or get rid of.

We accumulate lots of household stuff, some of them may not be even in working condition and we want to identify those stuff and get rid rid of it. So just carefully prepare the list of tings you want to carry and you wish sort out. Once you have the list of stuff you want to get rid of, here is what you can do:

1. Sort out memento: Mementos do play important role in every individual’s life, because it injects the power of being nostalgic. Hence, to get rid of extra stuff you need to set apart mementos from the rest. Obviously, then you can keep mementos with you and rest become hell easy. There fore, the monkey( to get rid of extra stuff) would be off your back quickly.

2. Set apart kids’ toys: Moving with kids is a real issue. Some time it gets worse to worst. So if you set apart kids’ toys as a extra stuff and decide not to carry with you, then you would do no help to yourself rather it would become a cause head ache. Hence, to get rid of extra stuff; you need to set apart kids’ toys from the rest. It would help you to get rid of extra stuff pretty easily.

3. Part valuables from the rest: There is certainly lot of valuables exist in your home. So I am sure you want don’t want to move with out them. Do you? There fore, you would carry all the valuables with you likes of jewelry, precious home appliances, important files etc while moving. So it is clear that if you part valuables from the rest, then it would help you to some extent to get rid of extra stuff before moving.

4. Pack things what you need : If you want to get rid of extra stuff, then you need to pack things categorically. For an instance; cloths, shoes, books, sports equipment, musical instruments all are necessary things and after packing these things, you would find many things to get rid of . So pack things what you need to get rid of extra stuff.

5. Give stuff to your friends and neighbors: After packing things methodically, you would have many extra stuff. It can be old crystal, umbrella, kids’ stuff etc. And you never know, your friends or neighbors might have liked all these collection made by you. So if you give these things to them, then you would be absolutely over the moon. Hence, giving stuff to your friends and neighbors help you to get rid of extra stuff completely.

6. Donate for Orphanages: You may not have enough time, when you conduct any moving. So then perhaps the most easiest way to get rid of extra stuff is to donate for orphanages or to donate to any charitable trust. There fore, it is wise to give extra stuff to any Orphanages instead of worsen the burden of luggage. Apart from that when you donate things for any charitable works, you ensure people who are deprived of those things ; get full availability of them. So there is no better way to get rid of extra stuff then donating for Orphanages.

7. Recycle old stuff: There are lot of unwanted items that you don’t want to carry likes of magazines, news paper, notebooks,  metal items, old batteries, bottles, plastics container etc. These items are not too valuable and they are easily replaceable as well. Hence, if you want to get rid of extra stuff; then recycling of old stuff can be a good method. Apart from that, thus you can keep the balance of environment as well.

8. Sell extra stuff on line: On line business has taken a stern shape over the past few years, and the most convenient part of on line business is it consumes less time than ever. And when you move one place to another, then you don’t have enough time; so selling stuff on line becomes a convenient way to get rid of extra stuff. You don’t have do anything but to post a picture of the items along with the base price. The rest would happen very quickly.

9. Hold an auction: If you have planned well before undertaking moving, then you are supposed to have lot of time. And when you have time, then you can hold auction to sell each of your items. This way you can earn lots of money out of redundant things. Thus, you can get rid of extra stuff as well as earn money.


Well. People often confront with the problem that how to get rid of extra stuff. It is not easy, I acknowledge. But if you are really want to get rid of extra stuff and not really understanding how to do it. Then, you just can’t be refrain of implementing the aforementioned tips. It really works. Use them and get rid of extra stuff before moving.

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