6 Ways to Avoid Relocation Scams by Movers in India

Irrespective of the city you live in, you can find hundreds of movers and packers agency, But only a few can be trusted because there are good number of movers in every city who don’t even have a license and end up creating a mess while relocating. Relocation scams are increasing and it’s important to be very careful to avoid relocation scams and it’s not that hard to identify a mediocre movers and packers agency in India. If you are about to hire a movers and packers company and you are not sure about ways to avoid relocation scams then this post is for you.

But let me tell you, there are many good movers, who do their work in very fair way; simultaneously there are few movers who are not authentic and end up terrorizing customer. Since you are relocating, then you bound hire a mover. But you have to be always concerned of those school of mover, who make customer’s life difficult by their scam. But there is any way to avoid it. So are you ready?

Ways to avoid relocation scams by movers in India

Here is how to avoid relocation scams by mover

1. At the time of hiring a mover, generally, customers receive a quotation from the mover. Actually these quotations are the structure how movers charge its customers. But it has been seen many times that movers sometime don’t go by that. As a result, some of movers impose late charges on its customer after the work gets done. That ought not to happen. You ought be wise and ask your mover to re-check their quotation before signing the deal with them; so that you get the promise from your mover that no late charge would be included in to the quotation.

2. Some time what happens is movers don’t to deliver the goods in the given time. And there can be various reasons behind it. But the question is why should you pay extra for other making mistakes? Certainly not. Hence, you should make it very much clear from your mover about the exact date of receiving goods or any approximate date to avoid relocation scam by mover.

3. You should never ever trust a mover over a phone call. In fact a phone call is not enough to trust any mover, especially given the fact that there is lot many mixer of movers some good and some bad. So a phone call is never enough. But, for an instance, if you hire a mover for relocation over a phone and later you get deceived by them, then you would have nothing to hold movers by collar. This is why you should take little more initiative to meet mover in their office; so that if any thing goes wrong then you can talk with them directly.

4. You should never ever pay the full fees to mover before completing the task of relocation. Actually, if you pay the whole fees to mover straightaway and then if any thing goes wrong; then you would not have nothing to make them work. Hence, you should refrain yourself from committing this mistake to avoid relocation scam by mover. There fore, you should never pay the full fees to your mover prior to the task. You ought to make it 40-60 like, 40% before the task and rest after the task.

5. One of the other scam is movers take your money but they leave your goods either on the truck or in some private storage facility. If you are lucky enough, then you would be able to find it. But you have to regain them by paying exorbitant amount of money. Apart from that, it harasses you completely . One of the solution that I would suggest you is-  go through the review of movers properly, it would be helpful to avoid  such relocation scam by movers.

6. Movers can come off with some illogical  reasons as well. For an instance, after loading goods in to the truck; movers can say that the previous charge was made depending on the weight, but some how the cubic feet seems to increase the weight of your goods. Thus, movers can try to charge you extra. But you should think about it little bit more and make your goods weights again to avoid relocation scams by movers.


Look I firmly believe that if there is a problem, there is a way to solve it. So what you should do is – take proper time to research about mover, then evaluate them and make every possible query to come to a conclusion about hiring movers in India. Only then you will be able to hire an authentic mover and naturally when movers and packers you have hired is authentic and reliable, you can get it right.

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