Best Ways to Pack a Suitcase to Maximize Space

I have never ever been a reluctant traveler, I like to explore new place and new culture. But when ever I start preparing for a trip, one thing just hunts me like a ghost. And that is none other than packing a suitcase. I have never ever quite understood what to pack and what not to pack. As a result, I end up with multiple bags packed randomly without utilizing the maximum space available.Best ways to pack a suitcase and utilize the space
This trauma kept haunting me till the point my elder sister came in to rescue me. She suggested me few brilliant tips, which made packing suitcase absolutely easy. Like me, if you are terrorized by the notion of packing suitcase; then you better read this post. I can guarantee it will erase some your problem relating to pack a suitcase.

Someone said very rightly that packing a suitcase is a blend of science and art. And you have to keep that in your mind that you must balance these two things well; so that you can maximize the usage of space. If you start stuffing the stuff in random order, you may run out of space, but if you fold your clothes properly and put it right in the suitcase, you may save lots of space to keep other accessories.

So whats the best way to pack a suitcase?

Here is how to pack a suitcase to maximize space

Through this post, I want to share some amazingly simple tips to help you pack a suitcase and maximize the space. Lets check them out.

1. Pack according to the weather

This is one of the key thing to remember while packing a suitcase. Basically what happens is people just pack things randomly with out putting too much thought behind it. If you want to pack a suitcase to maximize space, then you can’t afford to do this. You ought to be wise to pack a suitcase. So you must check the weather of your touring place before packing things, because it would help you to pack only the necessary items. There fore, it would help you to maximize space of a suitcase.

2. Consult to your friends, websites, or agents

If you have any of your friends, who visited the place in  the past; then you have golden opportunity to know what they packed or what they could have packed or left to pack suitcase to maximum space. If you don’t have any one, then you can research about it on some of the websites. Apart from that , if your tour is going to be organized by an agent, then ask help from him. They can help you by some key inputs on the required cloths. Needles to say, this is one of the best way to pack a suitcase to maximize space.

3. Don’t pack bulky items

Some of the bulkier items likes of sweater, coat, hath are not very easy to pack. Even you pack them, they are very hard to fold. As a result, they tend to accommodate more space than usual. Hence, you have to refrain from doing so. And what better way to avoid it then donning them while traveling. Thus, you will end up carrying your required cloths as well as packing a suitcase to maximum space.

4. Roll cloths instead of folding it

You may be astonished by hearing this, but it is a real fact that rolling better option than folding to pack suitcase to maximize space. And by doing so you can be benefited in two ways- first, you would be able to squeeze more cloths in to suitcase and second, nothing would get wrinkled. On the other hand, if you fold your cloths then not only it ends up eating maximum of space but also it creates lines on the cloths. How ever, rolling cloths is better option to pack a suitcase to maximize space.

5. Make use of empty space well

This an art to make use of empty space to pack a suitcase to maximize space. For an instance, if you have packed shoes in the suitcase; then you can easily use toilet bag, watch case, mobile charger like items between the shoes to fill the gap. Similarly you can use underwear, socks and rolled-up belts to fill any empty space. This would help you to pack a suitcase to maximize space.

6. Place each items methodically

Since you want to pack a suitcase to maximize space, they have to be methodical in your approach. And certainly there is a way to do it. For an instance, if you can put shoes in the edge, trousers in the middle of bottom layer, and the lighter-weight shirts above the bottom layer; then you can save lot of space. Hence, you would be able to pack a suitcase to maximize space.

7. Take just one perfume

There is no point carrying extra thing. And when you can only make use of maximum space, if you don’t carry any redundant things. So when it comes to carrying any perfume, you must not think that it is comparatively lighter items, hence it won’t hinder any space factor. But it is wrong assumption. If you carry only one perfume instead of few more, then it would definitely give you the exposure to place something else.There fore, while packing suitcase you have to select just one perfume according to the weather and kind of clothes you have packed.

8. Don’t delay it

None but in to the least; you just can’t postpone to pack a suitcase too late. As I presume you have understood, how calculative you have to be to pack suitcase to maximize space. You can only manage it, if you start it early; as it is not the place to rush. Hence, you better take time; so that you can implement your plan well to pack a suitcase to maximize space.

Over to you

Packing things correctly in a suitcase is an integral part of traveling. If you had any kind of phobia with the packing, then I hope this article would help you to come out of it. Apart from that I would suggest you to refrain yourself from shopping anything prior to the trip, because it would complicate the issue. And if you have ended up with multiple bags, just hire a mover to help you relocate your stuff easily.

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