Tips for Moving Office Furniture Safely and Easily in India

Are you moving your office? So, it is pretty much obvious thing, that you have to move your office along with the furniture as well. But it is easier said than done, because some of costly office furniture require extra need when moving. Otherwise, they can get damaged and you may have to replace them or get repaired. I have no intention to scare you, but wish to make you aware of the fact the moving office furniture require real attention.

One of my friend who have just relocated his office from south Kolkata to north Kolkata. And just to save a few hundred rupees, he decided to not hire commercial movers and packers and did the entire shifting with a local van. Needless to say, he ended up breaking the glass top of the reception table and had scratched on his own desk. On top of that, since the shifting was not done with adequate planning, he ended up wasting four working days in getting everything up and running, just calculate the cost of man hours.

moving office furniture

Here’s how to move office furniture safely

I am writing this post to share a few important tips that’s going to help you in moving office furniture easily and here you go;

1. Plan according to the need: Moving office furniture easily is not as easy as it sounds. It needs fair amount of planning to implement in a way, you want. For that you need to plot a concrete plan at least 6months before moving, and if you are going to have large commercial move, then you need to plan at least 1-2 years before. Remember the more concrete your plan is, the better are chances to move office furniture easily.

2. Call a meeting: Since you are moving office furniture, then you need to discuss the issue with your employee, because end of the day they matter the most. So the objective of calling a meeting is to let your employees know about the move, and if possible then fix a date of moving in this very meeting. This is very helpful, because once your employees know about it, you can always look after the other aspects of moving.

3. Ask help from each employee: Since your employees know about the moving, then provide them a cartoon. And ask your employees to pack all their desk contents, and some of the other belongings in to the moving cartoon. If this is how each of your employee does their own, it would relief you from the extra burden as well as make you job far easy. Then moving office furniture can become an easy task.

4. Hire commercial movers: Office furniture are generally very costly, so any mishandling or nonchalant approach can damage your property. There fore you need to know the right way to way do it. But what if you don’t know it? You can surely hire commercial mover for that. They are experienced, resourceful, and certainly self-sufficient. In fact, they are the ideal one to help you for moving office furniture easily.

5. Check the entrance of the new office: When you move your office, you need to see the entrance of destination. And it is mandatory to do so for moving office furniture easily, because it would be blunder if you can’t penetrate your office table or chair in to your new office. Needless to say , then you would not be able move office furniture easily. There fore, you better check the entrance of the new office for moving office furniture easily.

6. take transit insurance: Yeah I know most of the office property is insured in office, but you can forget to insure 2 items out of 10. And that can be very bizarre situation to handle, if thing goes wrong while moving office furniture. So before you move office furniture, you need to check and make sure, each of  your office furniture is insured; so that if any damage happens you can get compensation out of the insurance.

7. Appoint two managers: If you are wise enough and want to move office furniture easily, then you need to appoint two managers just to look after things while moving office furniture. One at the origin and other at the destination- would just be the perfect. But remember don’t just over do the stuff, because the presence of too many persons can come in to the way of movers. And that would not be ideal, so appoint two managers for moving office furniture easily.

8. Avail full service office mover: None but in to the least, you must consider to avail full service office mover for moving office furniture easily. Otherwise, you would have lot of head ache with packing, furniture delivery etc. So instead of hiring mover for any particular aspect of moving office furniture, you rather should go for availing full service from an office mover. It helps.


As you have come to know from this article, that moving office furniture is different from moving that of any house. So, you need to approach it differently. For an instance, you need to hire commercial mover instead of any general mover for moving any office. There fore, you have to be prepared differently to move office furniture easily. So what you waiting for? You just need to hire commercial movers and packers, they will take care of everything.

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